Have you been involved in, or run, an OPTEACH education session?

If so, we'd love to hear from you! Simply email us.
We're keen to hear about your experiences using the approach, such as:

  • Your insights and reflections on the benefits of OPTEACH
  • Any challenges or difficulties you've faced when OPTEACHing, and your strategies for overcoming them
  • Your 'handy hints' for people who are new to the OPTEACH concept
  • Questions about how to adapt the approach to your setting
  • Brief stories or participant comments on the personal impact of OPTEACH
  • Photos of your OPTEACH sessions (make sure you have permission/consent to share these)
  • Ideas for new checklists or resources you think would be helpful
  • Coverage of your OPEACH session in local media or organisational newsletters
  • Anything else that would be good for us to know or hear about!


Write as little or as much as you like. It is fine to just write in the body of the email and/or also attach photos, audio or video files, or documents. This feedback helps us to continually improve the site and the resources that are available to current and potential OPTEACHers.

Thank you for your support.