Here are some resources that may be useful as you prepare your OPTEACH education sessions. There is a section dedicated to supporting OPTEACHing with organisational policy. Another section which provides an overview of Healthy Ageing with further readings under specific topics

The ‘policy context’ of OPTEACHing

Organisational policies are useful to guide the implementation of OPTEACHing. Policies are used to articulate acceptable behaviour within the organisation and to ensure clear communication about expectations for everyone involved in the process.

Remember: These example policy documents provided here need to be discussed, debated and amended to fit the organisational ethos, context and priorities.

If you plan to run an OPTEACH education session, policies will be helpful to provide clarity about what is expected from the organisation, managers, staff, educators, facilitators and older people. Policies and procedures may be adopted to ensure that education sessions are conducted in a way that keeps all parties safe in every way. Organisational policies and procedures are in place to ensure the OPTEACH sessions are in keeping with the norms and culture of the organisation too.

Please check with your organisation to see which policies and procedures pertain to involving older people in education sessions or as guest speakers. If you find that there is not a policy for this situation, then discuss with a key decision-maker about the need to create one (or not). In case a policy needs to be drafted, some examples are available in this website.