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Negotiating with management when proposing an education session involving an older person

Things to keep in mind when proposing an education session to management
  • As the organiser of an education session involving an older person, you have a responsibility to ensure that ethical principles are observed at every stage. You may like to read the Older Person Rights and Responsibilities document, to focus your attention on key issues. In all your dealings with the older person, make an effort to acknowledge their expertise and the value of their perspectives and life experiences.

    Communicate your appreciation that the older person is generously giving of their time to help others to learn about ageing. Remember the voluntary nature of their involvement, and your responsibility to obtain informed consent to use (and re-use) peoples’ image, words or stories. Ensure that your OPTEACH session is designed and run in a way that is mindful of any relevant professional codes of conduct/competencies. Finally, remember your role in ensuring that audience members are respectful towards the older person, but also vice versa.