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If you think you'd like to become involved in an education session then…

Step 1 - Reflect on

What aspect of your experience of ageing you want to share? Use the reflection guide provided. Gather information to help you decide whether or not to participate.

Consider the list of possible educational topics for nurses/carers/students.

Watch the video to see what an Education Session can look like.

Become familiar with your rights and responsibilities.

Revisit the reflection guide and make a decision.

Step 2 - Find an educator in an organisation near you.

Explore possible organisations in your area. Look for educational organisations (TAFE, community college, college of higher education, University). Use a web browser (Google, safari, Bing) or the phone book to find the organisations near you.

Rank the organisations you're considering -- from the ones you are most interested in working with to those you are least interested in working with.

Contact the top three organisations. Tell them about this website. Query the possibility of your involvement in education sessions. Sample email/ letter/ phone call scripts may help you frame your communication to the organisation.

Step 3 - Wait for responses

Consider what you will do if the organisation doesn't respond or if they don't think it's a good idea?

Check the contact information, then send another query

Reflect on the organisations you have prioritised. Make further queries or not; it's always your choice.

Talk to someone about your feelings. Recognise that not every educator will understand the benefits of involving older people in education. Agree to disagree.