Example 6 – Case Study written as a story

The power of storytelling is used to ‘capture the heart’ of the students in the beginning. Then as learners engage with the compelling story, information can be discussed and drawn out for learning specific concepts and skills. In this example, the life story of an elderly relative, Sharleen, was written to illustrate the context in which she developed across her lifespan. Sharleen’s story was written in sections which corresponded with Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development (infancy, early childhood, preschool age, school age, adolescence, early adulthood, adulthood maturity). After each section of the story, questions were posed to guide the learners’ thinking. Case studies written as stories can be a good option when:

  • learners need to develop an understanding of ways that an older person’s past can affect the present
  • teaching and learning online
  • it is not practical to tell a person’s life story in an education session
  • learning needs to be divided up into smaller ‘chunks’ without losing continuity

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