EXAMPLE 2 – Role Play in a clinical setting

The aim of this role play between an older man, Max and a skilled Registered Nurse, Robyn, was to expose the students to the assessment process that an older person would experience when admitted to the Emergency Department of a hospital.A comprehensive nursing assessment would have been too lengthy to capture on video. Instead a short assessment was conducted in a hospital setting and video tapped. Then students viewed the video, critiqued the communication skills of the Registered Nurse, and identify any needs that were not addressed in the assessment. Students were asked to consider:

  • How they would feel if an older person revealed something emotive or something they felt unable to support them with
  • How to explore sensitive issues with an older person, such as mental health challenges
  • The complexity of communication skills and include physical impediments to communication, cultural issues and generational differences.

This video demonstrates principles of health coaching and the importance of working with the older person rather than the caregiver imposing their ideas about ‘what is best’.